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Smart-Fill Management Group

The pharmacy landscape continues to change rapidly. Facing reduced margins and competition from mega-retailers and mail-order pharmacies, independents must learn to operate differently. That’s why Smart-Fill was born. We have spent years analyzing the needs of our own pharmacies while developing and testing programs to optimize our systems: How to negotiate effectively. How to market and promote our goods. How to manage costs like labor, inventory, and supply chain.

Smart-Fill provides independent pharmacies the buying power of a chain and the business consulting resources to thrive—all while retaining our precious independence. We partner with our members to help each of them discover ways to become more efficient and increase profit. From better pricing to benchmarking tools to business coaching, we provide a complete suite of solutions designed to make independents more competitive.

At Smart-Fill, we’re proud to help our member pharmacies be more competitive and stay independent—but we’re also proud to BE pharmacists. Smart-Fill is a family-owned company that grew out of the needs we uncovered as founders and owners of Astrup/Sterling Drug, established in 1952 by Leonard Astrup. Today, Smart-Fill has grown to nearly 700 members nationwide. We continue to transform the game for pharmacies with a growing roster of solutions that help independent pharmacies stay independent and competitive.