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American Pharmacies (APRx)

Chuck Waters, Director of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

American Pharmacies is a 100% member-owned independent pharmacy cooperative and the undisputed leader in aggressive advocacy to protect fair competition and patients’ right to choose. Only 10 years old, APRx has 600+ member pharmacies in six states because we provide superior value: the best group pricing on brand-name and generic products and the courage to take on any legal, legislative or regulatory fight to defend your business model. We offer:

  • Large-Group Purchasing Power
  • Monthly Generic Rebates
  • Annual Profit-Sharing Dividend
  • 100% rebate pass-through for 9/10 years
  • 100% Transparency in All Phases of our Business
  • Aggressive, Effective Advocacy through our legal team and our Texas Pharmacy Business Council

For more information, contact Chuck Waters, Director of Communications & Member Services, at 512.925.5528 or