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Brandon Brookins, Senior Director of Sales

  • Brandon Brookins, Senior Director of Sales

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Company Name: Primex, Inc.

Product Name: Primex OneVue

Product Emphasis: OneVue Sense Temperature Monitoring


Primex is a leading provider of technology that delivers solutions to automate, monitor, document, and report essential activities usually performed by the staff, to ultimately help increase compliance and safety and reduce risk. These solutions include temperature, environmental, and event monitoring, as well as time synchronization and mass communication.

The Primex OneVue Sense temperature monitoring solution can keep your COVID-19 vaccines and other valuable assets safe. No matter the storage temperature, two NIST-traceable temperature probes have you covered. Our standard probe monitors temperatures from -40 to 221 °F (-40 to 105 °C), while our cryogenic probe monitors temperatures as low as -328 °F (-200 °C). If there’s a fluctuation in your storage unit temperature, you’ll receive audible and visual notifications, as well as real-time email, phone, or text alerts — so you can take action immediately.

Not only will Primex OneVue give you peace of mind knowing your assets are stored at correct temperatures, but it also helps completes compliance tasks, as well. Say goodbye to manual logging, as OneVue automatically documents first date of use, logs routine temperature checks, and stores data for easy audit reporting.

Selling to over 16,000 customers across the globe, we continue to lead the way by investing in product research and emerging technologies to improve efficiency, eliminate distraction and provide a comprehensive data trail for facilities to meet compliance and safety requirements. For more information, please visit