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PPRB Marketing

  • Ganesh Singh, Director of Sales

  • B-925 Boblett Street
  • Blaine, WA 98230
  • Phone: 877.544.4575

For 50 years, PPRB Marketing has been recognized as America's most trusted marketing partner for independent pharmacies and drug wholesalers. We provide turn-key customer relationship-marketing tools that are engaging and effective.

With unmatched product quality, the best value for money and industry-leading customer service levels, PPRB is able to meet all your stores’ marketing needs. With 90% of all homes and virtually 100% of businesses using at least one calendar, the personalized calendar is a proven tool to market your brand every day of the year – to existing and potential new customers.

We offer a wide variety of themed wall and tent desk calendars, magnets, coloring books and planners.

What does this mean for you? Customized products and services that are unique to your business – worry-free, year-round marketing at your customer’s fingertips, literally.