Kleen Bill

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Kleen Bill

Dan Nunn

  • 301 S. McDowell Street
  • Suite 125 - 1655
  • Charlotte, NC 28204
  • Email: info@kleenbill.com
  • Website: www.kleenbill.com

Local Community Pharmacy Care & Savings

Despite having the highest healthcare expenditure per capita, the U.S. still struggles with uninsured and underinsured people. Currently, 37 million Americans are uninsured, while another 41 million have inadequate access to care.

Kleen Bill and your local pharmacy offers a solution to this problem by providing quality telemedicine and teletherapy to registered users. We take the biggest question, high cost, out of your health care decision process so you and your loved ones can see a doctor or therapist anytime for your urgent care and behavioral health care needs.

We’ll provide 24/7/365 access to a comprehensive suite of TeleCare+ services for supporting your local pharmacy.