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PPOk (Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma)

  • John Crumly, D.Ph., MHA, CEO/Executive Director

  • P.O. Box 16430
  • Oklahoma City, OK 73113

PPOk (Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma)

PPOk is led by community pharmacy, for community pharmacy. Since our founding in 1985, ourSince our founding in 1985, our commitment has been to the independent pharmacy community. We are a long-standing ally for independent pharmacy providing a broad range of technology & administrative services and support.

Our full suite of services has been designed keeping the unique needs of independent pharmacies in mind. Our commitment to data analytics sets our organization apart and provides our members a unique view into their business.

RxSelect & TriNet

As an independent PSAO without wholesaler exclusivity, we offer our members the most comprehensive suite of managed care services available, to guide you them contracting and provide ongoing support.

Our RxSelect and TriNet pharmacy networks allows us to leverage negotiating power for community pharmacies. Our advanced data analytics forecast future trends, allowing member pharmacies to make insightful and informed decisions.

Network Benefits:

  • Central pay or non-central pay network options
  • DIR fee projections, where applicable
  • MAC appeals filed on your behalf
  • Access to Mirixa, Outcomes, and Equipp
  • Medicare Part D, limited and preferred networks, managed Medicaid, and more


The eRecon fully automated and robust ledger-based third party pharmacy reconciliation platform matches claims data to 835 remittance files.

  • Online systems with AR reporting and claims search
  • Claims chasing performed by PPOk staff
  • Option to export to Excel
  • Unlimited claims


RxProtect audit service safeguards your pharmacy from audit-triggering actions and guides you through the investigation process, should an audit occur.

  • 80% of RxProtect appeal assistance audits have $0 recovery
  • Weekly targeted claims reports with recommended corrective actions

  • Audit tips, online training tools, and quick reference billing guides

  • On-site audit assistance for additional fee


A premier claims network providing switch, PPE, and ePrescribe services to help you minimize errors and maximize reimbursement.

  • Reduced switch fees
  • Proactive alerts for billing errors

  • Automated AWP reprocessing

  • Electronic co-pay coupons programs

  • RECLAIM|Rx – weekly proactive claims analysis by RxLinc staff to identify savings opportunities for increased reimbursement

  • Certified SureScripts ePrescribe partner


The MaxCare Advantage Discount Card keeps your pharmacy competitive with other discount programs so that your patients receive their prescriptions at the most reasonable cost.

  • Flexible discount plans
  • Ability to change groups and plans with each refill
  • Eliminate outrageous admin fees
  • Consistent and predictable pricing process
  • Builds customer loyalty