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Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma (PPOk)

  • Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma
  • Lonny Wilson, R. Ph., Executive Director
  • P.O. Box 18204
  • Oklahoma City, OK 73154

PPOk is owned and operated by independent pharmacists for independent pharmacy and has worked hard to develop industry best solutions to help you manage a successful and competitive pharmacy.

  • RxSelect Pharmacy Network
  • RxLinc Switch Program / Pre & Post Edit / e-Script Electronic Prescribing-see the Rx Linc listing in this guide
  • eRecon - Electronic Claims Reconciliation
  • MaxCare Prescription Benefit Management Services

In addition, PPOk RxSelect represents your legislative interests and offers you access to some of the best buying group programs available. Best of all, we operate nationally! So no matter where your pharmacy is located, you can benefit from our menu of services!

RxSelect Chain Network: Negotiating Third Party Contracts on Your Behalf

  • Administrative savings
  • Enhanced contract reimbursement and terms
  • Improved receipt of payment time by 3-8 days through RxSelect Central Payment - currently averaging 24 days!
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for your third party claims dollars - money sent to your bank the same day we receive it!
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring.
  • MAC price evaluations.

eRecon: Electronic Reconciliation of Your Third Party Claims

  • Chase & collect unpaid claims for contracted PBMs
  • Bi-monthly reports indicating paid, unpaid & underpaid Claims
  • Contract compliance monitoring
  • Weekly report indicating claims adjudicated at the lesser of U&C
  • COB claim identification

MaxCare: Prescription Benefit Management Services

  • Encourages transparent business relationships
  • Provides mail at retail as an alternative to mail order
  • Encourages biotech/specialty medications through independent pharmacy networks
  • Rx Advantage Discount Club Program