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Patient relationship management services provided by PrescribeWellness, a Tabula Rasa HealthCare solution, help streamline operations to ensure pharmacies deliver enhanced patient care while capitalizing on new revenue opportunities. PrescribeWellness’ comprehensive engagement services - including multi-channel patient communications and medication synchronization - elevate the role of the pharmacist while ensuring optimal business performance and patient retention.

Recent enhancements to the PrescribeWellness solution include:

● Contact-free vaccination management, including an online portal for vaccination scheduling and intake forms, enables safe and effective vaccinations during COVID-19.

● Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s MedWiseTM Risk Score, now available for community pharmacists, enables quick assessment of primary risk factors for the identification of patients at high risk for Adverse Drug Events.

With PrescribeWellness365 we can also provide optimized support for your pharmacy so that you can focus on delivering personalized patient care. Through this year-round service, you can leverage a designated consultant and pharmacy trainer to:

● Manage your entire Med Sync workflow

● Identify, recruit, and enroll high-value patients

● Resync patients monthly

● Sustain program on a daily basis through push-to-queue (available for select pharmacy management systems)

Additional PrescribeWellness365 services include the delivery of Medicare plan reviews, personalized business planning, and enhanced services such as Medication Safety ReviewsTM performed on your pharmacy’s behalf.

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