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Telemanager Technologies

  • Telemanager Technologies, Inc.
  • Paul Kobylevsky, Vice President
  • 211 Warren Street, Suite 205
  • Newark, New Jersey 07013

TeleManager Technologies is a leader in productivity and IVR solutions focused exclusively on the needs of pharmacies. Featured offerings include Refill TeleManager (in-store Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System most suitable for large independent stores), TeleManager On-Demand IVR Service (ideal for pharmacies that want all the benefits of IVR but do not want to make the investment in hardware or disrupt operations for installation of wiring), Refill NetManager (an extension of either the in-store IVR or IVR On-Demand Service which enables customers to place prescription refill orders over the Internet), OverflowManager Service (provides overcapacity relief for all pharmacies with an existing IVR system) and TeleManagerCentral IVR (provides all the features of traditional IVR systems but eliminates the need for hardware at each multiple remote location).

Telemanager Technologies prides itself in being flexible and adjusting to the unique, individual needs of each pharmacy it works with.

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