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Incorporated in May 1986 and headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Pro/Phase Marketing, Inc. is the parent company to RepeatRewards®. Our loyalty program services are supported by extensive IT, email deployment, print and lettershop, card production, and customer service resources. We believe in a strong work ethic, listening to client needs, producing high quality work, meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and keeping business confidentiality. RepeatRewards understands that communicating with customers and prospects individually, on a consistent basis, can be complicated and time-consuming. Therefore we simplify this process by serving as an extension of your company's marketing and information technology departments. Our primary focus is developing a system that markets to your customer and collects data for you to better understand your customer. By streamlining, organizing, and automating this information, we help venues reach customers and prospects efficiently and directly. This, in turn, results in:

  • Renewed customer loyalty
  • Lower costs to find new sales sources
  • Improved profits
  • Better time management

RepeatRewards will jump-start your marketing efforts by:

  • Keeping your customers coming back
  • Keeping your customers buying from you
  • Giving them something to look forward to when they visit
  • Building a stronger relationship between you and your customer
  • Thanking and acknowledging them for their patronage

RepeatRewards will boost your top line revenues, while at the same time, improving your business’ bottom line through a better more productive use of marketing.

Why use a customer loyalty program?

  • Retain Customers & Increase Sales — You can create and encourage repeat visits from your customers.
  • Distinguish Yourself from Your Competitors — As well as capture and maintain an important customer database.
  • Thank Your Customers — Show your appreciation for your customers’ continued business.
  • Increase Your Visibility — Customers will carry your loyalty card in the wallets and see it more often.
  • Turn an Infrequent Customer into a Frequent Customer.
  • Increase Your Customers’ Average Spend Per Visit.
  • Increase the Number of Visits Each Customer Makes.
  • Added Value — You will provide your customers with added value each time they purchase by earning points.
  • Eliminate Need for Coupons — no need to spend time creating and distributing discounts.
  • Ability to Promote — RepeatRewards makes it easy for you to communicate promotions, special events or added services to your best customers.
  • Reduce Advertising Costs.
  • Saves You Time — Let RepeatRewards do all the work for you.

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