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RepeatRewards has been providing loyalty and marketing services since 1986. We are the preferred marketing solution endorsed by FPN for independent pharmacies everywhere. We offer 100% branded, automated options like our award-winning loyalty and gift card programs plus direct mail, email marketing and more at an affordable price point for any size pharmacy. FPN members lock in discounted pricing on all services so contact us today to learn more!

How the Loyalty Program Works:

1) Members enroll in-store, online or through an app.

2) Member purchases are sent for processing via an integrated POS system or through convenient tablet or web portal.

3) RepeatRewards does the rest! We’ll monitor member activity and send targeted offers to members like birthday postcards, welcome emails, offers to members who haven’t visited recently, flu shot reminders, allergy awareness campaigns and more! Email marketing is included and we also offer direct mail to reach all members (and potential new customers) through automated, targeted campaigns.

By streamlining, organizing, and automating your marketing, we help pharmacies reach existing members and potential new customers efficiently and affordably resulting in:

  • Increased customer loyalty, retention and sales
  • Higher ROI on marketing efforts (complete reporting available)
  • Improved sales
  • Enhanced customer relationships
  • Better time management

With our comprehensive gift card program option, pharmacies can increase revenue and gain new business by selling gift cards for their pharmacy. Gift cards can be offered in-store or online with an exclusive e-gift card website we custom create for your pharmacy.

RepeatRewards will boost your top line revenue while improving your bottom line through more effective marketing. Comprehensive reporting is available through a web portal and mobile dashboard for on-the-go insight for all of our services. An onboarding specialist will help to launch your program and ensure success along the way. Let us help your pharmacy stand out from the competition.

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