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  • PocketRx - Praeses LLC
  • Tom Serio, Product Manager
  • 330 Marshall Street, Ste 800
  • Shreveport, LA 71101

Since 2012, PocketRx has been the original and benchmark for mobile refill applications. Offering individual pharmacy branding from the beginning, PocketRx has continued to give pharmacies features and pricing that still out-performs other mobile refill apps. In fact, the feature list has grown so much that PocketRx is now much more than a mobile refill app.

PocketRx is NOW a true mobile pharmacy application.

Why choose PocketRx as your mobile pharmacy? First, your PocketRx app is branded individually for your pharmacy. When your customers open the application on their iPhone or Android smartphones, everything about PocketRx including the application icon, are branded with your pharmacy's logo. Second, great user experiences always make happier customers. Your customers will be able to refill their important prescriptions instantly, from their smartphone… anywhere… any time. And finally, we integrate the PocketRx smartphone application to your pharmacy's management system to ensure that the refill goes into the proper queue for immediate processing.

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