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Independent Rewards™ is the first stand-alone consumer loyalty program, designed by independent pharmacy owners for independent owners. The program levels the playing field, allowing independent pharmacies to award points, gifts and promotions to their most loyal customers.

Loyal customers are a valuable asset, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a customer. With Independent Rewards™ you reward and retain your most loyal customers.

Independent Rewards™ is simple-to-use and implements in minutes in your store. Just plug-and-reward: connect the Independent Rewards™ terminal (similar to a credit card terminal) to the network and begin awarding points to your customers. No integration and no messing about with your POS or pharmacy systems. Points are awarded based on visits, dollars spent, and prescriptions filled. The program may be customized for each participating store. Plastic loyalty cards are branded with your store information and given to customers when joining the program. Customer signup is maximized with no forms to fill out when joining.

We are offering FPN members a special 90-day risk-free trial, including free branded store cards and everything you need to begin rewarding your loyal customers. Contact to sign up.

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